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  1. [Promo Store]
    /v +will on SMP3

    As of April 2021 I am selling off my old storage items to get some extra cash in the bank and therefore am selling limited amounts of promos.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in buying and selling any random item! I am specifically on the lookout for items pertaining to an upcoming project of mine, a enchanted item store!

    Come over, don't be shy! Either you chill and eat a pancake in my kitchen or you get busy and do a Shopping Spree, its up to you!
    Looking to buy something not in the chests? Just ask me, everyone everything can be bought for the right price!

    -Liam ;)
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  2. Future Use :oops:
  3. How much for the Dragon egg?
  4. lol
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  5. I’m out of town can I get a list :3
  6. Still wanna buy my bowl?
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  7. I'm currently out at my outpost and can't see your storage in person, what kinds of items do you have available?

    Please Come Over And Buy Everything! Like Literally I'll Make You An Amazing Offer If You Just Ask...