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  1. Hello there, I recently came into the fact that, I don't care about rupees much anymore. Right now I'm just piling on a collection of promos/rares, and would like to trade off any doubles that I currently have.

    I'm Trading

    Book of Colors x1

    Holiday Pick x1

    Turkey Slicer x2

    I-Day Boots x1

    2012 EMC Firework x1

    2013 Labor Day Bench x1

    Vault Voucher x1

    Magical Eggcellant Wand x1

    Boxed I-Day Chestplate x1

    Maxarian Head x1

    2013 EMC Firework x3

    2014 EMC Birthday Cake x4

    Light Colored Freedom Blade x3

    I-Day Pants x1

    Taste the Freedom Steaks x5

    Lucky Bow x1

    2014 Labor Bench x4

    Dark Colored Freedom Blade x2

    I'm Looking For

    Marlix's Chestplate
    Marlix's Helmet
    Momentus' Toothpick
    60k Helm
    60k Axe
    60k Shovel
    60k Pants
    60k Chest
    60k Boots
    60k Sword
    Haunted Head
    Incitatus (Unused)
    Saltar (Unused)
    Valens (Unused)
    Rudolph (Unused)
    Boxed I-Day Boots
    Boxed I-Day Pants
    Boxed I-Day Helm
    DO NOT CLAIM I-Day Pieces

    & Offers are accepted as well.


    If any would kindly price any/all of the above items, I'd appreciate it greatly. (This is to ensure fair transactions between the two parties)

    Any questions as to pertaining promos, can be answered here: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/custom-items/

    Any questions pertaining transactions can be answered here: http://pm.emc.gs/NetherSpecter
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.