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  1. Hi I was thinking while working on my res when I thought of an idea for the valentine's day promo.
    I thought since cupid has a bow you could make a cupid's bow. Please reply to tell me if you would consider doing that.


    (this goes out to all staff)
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  2. This is an idea that can be expanded upon...
    This is most likely not possible but when 1.8 rolls around, when you shoot Cupid's Arrow it should show hearts around your player for some special shtuff.

    Good idea.

    P.S. When you shoot a staff member, it should make them fall in love with you. I am coming for you chickeneer...
  3. I like the idea of a soul bound bow.
    But I think I'd rather just have a rose.
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  4. Yus. More dis epicsauce
  5. The whole rose bush is what I want :p like a bouquet ;)
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  6. I would really like this. Not soulbound but repairable, it has power IV and unbreaking III, and if it hits something it will create the heart particles on the shooter and the thing that was shot. This includes other players :3
  7. Great idea! And if you hit a mob with the bow, it can give it Potion of Healing Two(healing kills mobs)

    There can be a special arrow too! :)

    Bow: Unbreaking Three, Power 5, Punch 3, Infinity 1 [Soulbound]
    Message: "Love is deadly, (and powerful!)"

    The arrow can be dropped from mobs on February, and it would be a rare drop. After February people with bows they got from /promo could auction arrows and get lots of rupees.

    And even, maybe there could be a way to hit players(not knocking them or moving them from the block they are on) and if you hit a player with your cupid bow, it gives the player 30 seconds of regeneration 3, and healing.
  8. Pretty sure this is possible, but you wouldn't be able to craft it.
  9. I know the promo itself is possible, I am saying the add-on I suggested may not be.
  10. I don't want it to be final. I hate stuff that is final because I keep valuing each and every use high and it drives me crazy. Rather have something less powerful but I can use it all I want.