Promo Shop Directory 2022

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  1. This is Version 1 of a list that I will continually update! If I go inactive, feel free to create a new thread for this. :)

    A few rules:
    • The shops/malls listed here are up to date and I have either gotten permission from the owner, these shops are on another list, or I will take them down if the owner requests.
    • If you want to add your own promo shop to this list, comment below with the shop name, shop tag, and the SMP it is on. You may also add a description if you wish.
    • You may add other people's shops to the list, but if they request for me to take it down, I will.
    Thanks to KatydidBuild for the formatting idea.

    Useful Links:
    2022 Re-Vamped Promo Price Thread kept up-to-date by Raaynn:

    Rare Promos and Where They've Ended Up v2 kept up-to-date by Egeau and Tomvanwijnen:

    Shop/Mall Directory kept up-to-date by KatydidBuild:

    2022 Staff Head Thread kept up-to-date by Raaynn:

    2022 Staff Signature Acquisition Thread v2 kept up-to-date by fighter_Ethan:

    Promo Shops:

    • /v 3020 (The_Mancub) - Many Promos! Just go up the water elevator.
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • /v 15015 (deathconn) - Koala Korp, buying/selling promos
    • /v 14012 (Cyberazaz101) - Tower of Babel. Lot of rares!
    • /v 18391 (SabreEdge) - Promos in a preview chest, contact owner to buy
    Updated 23 November 2022
  2. Thread might be outdated, 604 is a newb's res now
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  3. Thanks so much! I forgot about this list to be honest, lol!
  4. I feel like my promo shop is missing from this list as well. Love the idea tho great job
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  5. Alright, i can add it! Remind me the res again?
  6. /v 3020 on smp2
  7. Added!
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  8. Let me know if you want your shop added here!
  9. 5775 on Utopia
  10. I'd suggest changing the name of the thread. Cause this thread is so last year.

  11. SHHHH
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  12. I ran across another shop with a decent promo section, tho the owner hasn't been on in over a month. Timmykiller711 on smp5
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  13. Is the shop still in stock?
  14. A lot of it is. Like, I bought out the shiny fur admittedly to make padded armor. Shows online a month ago so active player that's been around awhile.
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  15. Updated! PLEASE let me know if you know of ANY promo shops on smp4/5
  16. Let me know if you run a shop or you know of a shop in stock! It MUST be in stock for me to add it here.

  17. probably should be removed given that it's no more there
  18. I'm back, I will be updating this once again!