Promo Market up and running. [Closed per request]

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  1. My promo market is now open! You can visit this shop with very easy commands.
    You can use either /v +promoshop (all lowercase) or /v +zp (all lowercase again, and zp stands for Zion's promos.) My shop is on smp8 so unless you are on smp8 these command won't work.

    My market is always adding new promos as I get them in stock!
    My market has weekly deal's that are in the center of the first floor of my store. I will post my weekly deals every week on this thread to make it easier on you! Deals will refresh every monday.

    New promo come out??? Well sell it at this res! When a new promo is released I will have a place up to sell it. A really easy way to make rupees. :)
  2. New Weekly deals!
    Warning all weekly deals will now be posted here!
    I am selling Dragon Stones for 15k for my weekly deal this week!
  3. ill do our cupib and bundle deal again :) if you mail them to me I will pay you
  4. For now I am going to have to go with the usually shop prices because I am kinda running low on cupids.
  5. how much for the blizz ard nose
  6. right now 220,000r. If you think it's a little high tell me and I'll see what I can do for you!
  7. Thanks you for all the feast for a kings :rolleyes:
  8. WARNING: I have gotten A LOT more promos added to my promo shop. So.... all of the new ones don't just fit on the main floor of my building. So you will have to take the Teleports in the back left corner of my shop to view and buy the rest of my promos! Also if you would like a full set of Independence Day Armor please msg me in game or on the forums!
  9. 10,000,000r for your Voting Certificate? Interesting.

    Nice promo shop though, I decided to buy a couple of things and sell some stuff off too that I have been collecting for a while. Thanks for the business, good sir!
  10. No prob and thank you too!
  11. It was a joke the 10 million certificate. And thanks for the 12 vault vouchers that you sold to me :). On totally unrelated news: I'm selling vault vouchers! lol
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  12. Hmm.. interesting..
  13. Weekly deal bump
    Warning: all weekly deals will be posted up at the top now
  14. Last day to get your 15k dragon stones!!!!
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