[PROJECT] The time has come for the 8961 Complex to rise...

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  1. Please support the building of the 8961 Complex!!! This is the new thread!

    It is time to get this thing rolling!!! Here is the info about the Complex.
    We will have:
    EMC Minecraft Museum (Currently building this!) - Under Construction
    Hashhog's Garden Race (Challenge Racetrack!) - Planned out
    Hotel (Lots of rooms, plus specialty rooms!) - Not yet built
    Desert Chaos (Ultimate archery challenge!) - Planned out
    Shop (My shop!) - Not yet built
    Public Utilities - Not yet built
    Possible Roller Coaster! - Not yet decided
    Many Minigames! - Not yet built

    Here is the key:
    Finished = Already Built
    Under Construction = Currently Being Built
    Planned Out = Built in a Creative World for Future Building
    Not Yet Built = Has Not Been Built in Any Way
    Not Yet Decided = May or May Not Build This

    I will later post screenshots of the Racetrack and the Archery, as well as the progress on the Museum! Now, here is where you guys come in.

    Here are the things that we need most for each build!

    Museum: Flowerpots, Player Heads (I am taking care of the rest!)
    Racetrack: Redstone, Oak Leaves, Quartz, Stone Brick
    Archery: Stone Brick, Non-Player Heads
    Shop: Chests, Signs, Item Frames
    Minigames: Redstone
    Hotel: Glass
    And of course, you can donate rupees! I will be setting up a proper donation room soon. For now, donate in the Donation/Auction Pickup Room. For a limited time, donate your head to this room to enter a contest! Here is the link:
    Thank you!

    Additional Notes:
    We are located at 8961 on Smp4!
    We are strong supporters of the Smp4 Project!
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  2. I can build rollercoasters if you want.I can do it for free if you supply rails,
  3. The donation center has been created! There are three stations:
    Station 1: Large Item Donations
    Put large donations into the double-chests. This station uses technology designed by ob1bob69 to prevent theft. No dirt, please!
    Station 2: Small Item Donations
    Throw smaller donations into the pools of water. Again, no dirt, please!
    Station 3: Rupee Donations
    There are three double-chests with rupee donations. To donate rupees, either pay me a certain amount or buy dirt from the chests. The chests sell dirt for 50, 500, and 2500 rupees.

    Thank you for any donations you make! If you wish to get on the donation wall for an item donation, please private message me your donation or send me a written book! All rupees donations will be put on the wall easily! :) Thanks!
  4. For those interested in the project, the vegetation room and the tree room are both quickly coming along! I am including spots for things in 1.7, so don't be surprised if you see two ferns (one in a pot, one not) in the vegetation room. The one not in the pot will be turned into a large fern. The same goes for tall grass. Next I will work on the Nether/Passive Farm Animals Rooms, and then it will be on to the Mushroom, Crop, and Cave Rooms on Floor 3! :D