Hashhog's Super Head Contest: Win Epic Prizes!

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  1. The Hashhog3000 Super Head Contest!!!

    Rules: To get entered into the drawing, you simply donate your head to my residence. My residence is /v 8961 on smp4 or /v hashhog3000. Just throw your head into the hoppers! You will then be entered into the raffle. The head may not have ever been named anything else (I can tell whether it has been renamed before!) and the person who gets entered into the competition is the person whose head is in the chest. So enter your own head in, not that of someone else.

    Where?: You can donate your head at 8961 on smp4. Simply go the teleport that says "Contest/Auction Pickup and Donation Room. Donate Here!"

    Prizes: There are three grand prize winners and five runner ups.

    1st Prize: An unused Saltar Horse and a Hashhog3000 head! Here is what the lore and stuff looks like...
    "Can jump to the Stars..."
    EMC 2nd Year Anniversary
    Special Promotion Horse
    2nd Prize: A chest of random items! Here are some examples of what will be in the chest: At least one horse, a saddle or two, enchanted items, a book that lays claim to some rupees, etc.
    3rd Prize: A dc of Ender Pearls + 500r EDIT: Will probably be changing this prize to something better, for those of you who have about a million pearls! :D

    End Date: On September 20th, I will count how many heads I have. If I have a double-chest or more, I will give two more weeks for the competition. If I do not, the contest will end on October 15th. Please donate your head! Thank you.

    Donations: If anybody would like to donate any prizes, feel free to do so and private message me. Donators will be acknowledged on this thread.

    Mini-Guide on How to Get Your Head:
    Getting your head is simple. All you have to do is kill yourself repeatedly in the wild or wastelands until you drop your head. To do this quickly, build a dirt tower around 25 blocks tall near some water. Put a bed on top. At night, sleep in the bed. Then repeatedly jump off the tower in the same spot until you notice your head drop. To collect the head, jump into the water. Repeat until you have as many heads as you like. Make sure to remove the tower when you are finished. Alternatively, seen below post for details on how to find an already-made head farm!
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  2. 1. xothis_dwarf
    2. Sweetie_Pea
    3. Ice_Lightning99
    4. Beauy152
    5. clmueller48
    6. electrobomb
    7. luckypat
    8. ob1bob69
    9. Hawk_1127
    10. Netherworld666
    11. gollark8
    12. MrUnknownian
    13. mman2832
    14. dangerousty
    15. cadgamer101
    16. cadgamer202
    17. agozyen
    18. trommis99
    19. apocryphan
    20. Rundercaster
    21. Gecko223
    22. horrid1999
    23. Kev20022
    24. the_creeper_lord
    25. opticpanda11
    26. ghostflame2153
    27. NeonSmurff1
    28. SkareCboi

    Additional note: If you have already donated your head to me before the announcement of this contest, you may still donate again to enter. :)

    Also, on smp3, if you move around the perimeter of the spawn area in the central wild (frontier) outpost, you will find a bedrock path. Right to the left is a farming tool you can use to get your head! :) Thanks to gollark8 for this tip!

    Mini Ad: EMC Museum
    Remember, please donate rupees, sandstone, stone brick, oak leaves, etc. to my Museum! We need people like you to grow large! Thank you.
  3. I'll add mine when I come on.
  4. I swear I donated my head a few days ago...
  5. It's ok, I will mark ya down! :)

    EDIT: Yes, I checked my stocks, you are clear to go. :)
  6. You should add to the guide of how to get your head that there's a head farm in smp3 wild near spawn.
  7. Is there really? I will do that! Thanks!
  8. There is one.Just by the bedrock path.
  9. Hmmm. I didn't see any bedrock paths leading from the smp3 wild (frontier) main spawn.
  10. You need to look around a bit.The path starts at the edge of the protected zone.
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  11. Found it and got me six heads. :)
  12. Yay! :D
  13. Uh, like, buuuump! Awesome prizes available, will post pics tomorrow!
  14. I'll donate!
  15. Constructive bump! Here are screenshots of the grand prizes.

    First Place...

    Second Place...

    And third place (rupees will be delivered separately)...

    Remember, for a chance to win these awesome prizes, please donate your head at 8961 in the Auction/Contest Pickup and Donation room! Thanks!
  16. I'm sorry, but I really don't know what else to do except bump this thang. I was hoping for more heads, so please donate! There are great prizes involved here, and I have shorted the time of the contest!
  17. Ender pearls.... *Shivers*
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  18. Uh.... Okaaay? To be honest, the Ender Pearls may be easily acquired by many people (especially gold/diamond people), but to many players, they are hard-to-obtain things. Mainly younger, newer supporters who don't have the time or rupees to build or find an Enderman farm. I'm sure many people could put them to good use. :)
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  19. NO! NOT ENDERPEARLS! I beg you, please don't put me in third place! Those things haunt me with being overstocked! AHH! :eek: