[Project] The Shard

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  1. If you are truly awesome, you will recognize this font. XD
    Hello, EMC! I've always wanted to build something epic on my res, but I've never been able to find anything that would be cool... and then I played Mirror's Edge. In the final level of the game, the player goes inside a massive, awesome building called the Shard.

    See the building on the left? That's the Shard. I'll be recreating this in Minecraft to the height limit.

    Current Status

    The first floor is nearly finished. I'm stopping here, getting my plans rebuilt, sketching floor 1B, and getting donations. See that brick wall on the left. That's the donator wall. It wants more signs on it... ;)
    Planning Status: Idle (something happened to my plans... :mad:)

    I need donators for the following blocks:
    • Grey Wool
    • Glass (and a lot of it!)
    • Glowstone (possibly)
    You can sell stacks of glass and grey wool for 40R per stack now. Donations are highly appreciated, material and rupee!
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  2. Nice idea, and do I sense a oCD texture pack?
  3. Thanks! I have this pack for obvious reasons... none of the other packs are perfect like this. :p
  4. Sounds good, just be methodical and plan it out well. It annoys me when people go to such lengths to create massive structures only to realize they've underestimated the height of the project and it ends up being short and stubby.

    It really helps to sketch it out using a spreadsheet (60x60 for top view, 60x256 for side view) to get a real sense of the scale you should be working with.
  5. Great advice. Thanks!
  6. Need some info for the plans: What's the foot level of Town? I know that the eye level is ~64... Is it the same for feet?
  7. If you look at f3 it says your y cord in feet position and eye position.
  8. Can you imgur the image of the shard?
  9. Cleaned up the thread, added a banner, and bumped. I'll need a lot of glass for this thing.

    Planning will start soon. IRL and Dragon Cave have kept me busy, and things will only get crazier... I write this on the last day of summer vacation. :( However, I will spend some time each day on the plans.
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  10. Yet another bump. I've added up-to-date pics and a "Planning Status". Donate, donate, donate! :)
  11. I'll donate 2k once I have time to get on. Good luck.
  12. change "actually" from my comment into also XD
  13. Well, this is a pretty cool thread that I hadn't seen yet. Thank you for bumping it :)

    I am going to send a some rupees over ;)
  14. :D 3k... Thanks a ton! This should buy a lot of the glass for 1b.

    For those who care, here's how the floors are laid out...

    Notice how the Shard has those separated triangles at the bottom... 4. Those will each have a number... 1,2,3, and 4. The letters are the floors inside the triangles. Therefore, the lobby is 1A. There will be three floors per triangle. All floors in the rest will be M# (M for main).
  15. Sorry for the bump, there was no red text; but SSF and (possibly) I will have a Halloween drop party at the Shard...