[Project] The Empire Canyons!

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft! Today I bring to you a project which I am working on. As most of you know, Minecraft 1.7 will be the 'biomes update,' with tons of new biomes. One of those, which seems like the best so far (of redwood forests, cliffs, and canyons), is the canyons. I plan on making this on a huge Utopia lot. I have to claim the lot, which will be done after I post this.


    Materials needed:
    Usually I don't ask for donations. My policy is that if something is non-profit, feel free to ask for donations. If it is profit, I don't ask for donations. I will not be making a profit on any part of this project.

    Hardened Clay: Two Double Chests

    Stone: 5 Double Chests

    Logs: One Single Chest

    Dye: Light Gray, Yellow, about 9 stacks each

    Rupees: Any amount helps!

    Silk Touch Picks: About a single chest of eff. 4 silk touch unbreaking 3 picks.

    TNT: Contact me to sell and we'll work out a price.

    *One new block is being added. I will not try to match this and will be adding it with the EMC release of 1.7.

    I will set up chests where you can sell by the stack/9 stacks at a time.

    This will be a full cave/mountain, so there will be caves, mineshafts, chests, and other loot, maybe even some dungeons. You can help by giving ideas and checking/helping me with figuring out what to do next.

    This is basically a giant terraforming job, so it should take about 1-1 1/2 months to fully complete. Thanks for reading!

  2. I also need picks. Preferably Eff. 3-4, Unbreaking 3, and Silk Touch, but really, anything diamond will do.
  3. I can give the red and white dyes
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  4. Awesome! I'll work on setting up the chestshops as soon as possible, but I quickly need to get a pickaxe from endertopia.
  5. I can give one diamond pick
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  6. I'll bring a bunch of stone to you.
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  7. Sent 10,000 rupees your way. Good luck. :)
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  8. I have set up chestshops on my third res. One DC leads to a hopper, to a chest and so on, so if it doesn't work, please tell me.
  9. Ill try to help.
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  10. I'll try getting a dc of clay.... too lazy to make it hardened though :p
  11. Catch me online and you can help.
    Cool! I can smelt it.

    I have not been able to get online today, so construction will begin tomorrow.
  12. If you need it smelted,I can build an automatic smelting system.
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  13. sorry getting busy with school so Ican't help :(
  14. Updated list of materials needed are in the OP. I'll post an update soon.

    I also need one aqua affinity helmet, as it will be very useful to be able to fly and destroy at the same time.
  15. I can get lots of stone from my cobblegen assuming my furnace has fuel left in it.
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  16. Cool! You can set up an access chest/bring it to utopia if you get them.
  17. I guess it will fit in my vault this time.
    P.S.I am posting from my iPad and will be able to go onto the servers at around 7:30 GMT.
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  18. 2013-08-13_16.04.03.png Updates: This is what one stack of TNT did... I am estimating I need 5 stacks. The random clay are guides for the creation.
  19. I can donate dirt to patch the holes :p
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