[PROJECT] The Dawn of the Clans

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Will you donate to this project?

Yes 25 vote(s) 75.8%
No 8 vote(s) 24.2%
  1. Hey guys, I am started the clans, I am going to get diamond supporter, and I need all the donations I can get!
    Please donate this:
    Black wool
    Blue glass
    Light blue glass
    Ocelot eggs
    Dark log
    Birch log
    Oak log
    Jungle log
    Spruce log
    Beacons for moon stone :p
    Jungle leaves
    Oak leaves
    Spruce leaves
    Snow caps
    Coarse Dirt
    Once this is finished! I will be selling all type of meat for 1r, and fish for 2r! and it will be a awesome place to hang out! This will include: Starclan, the place of no Stars, Riverclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan and Windclan!
    Bird's eye view of what it will look like!
  2. Dis gon be gud
  3. Looks cool!
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  4. I have chosen smp6, and only need the materials to complete the quest, donations of rupees are excepted too and will get the project completed quicker... Why smp6 you may ask? smp6 needs more life!
  5. Woah, I just saw this, this looks like it will take a lot of work! Especially if you want to recreate the whole thing. I'll donate some cobble or whatever it will take to build the Thunderpath. There should be some Minecraft elements brought into it too, such as tree parkour, etc, it will attract visitors a lot more that way.
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  6. You should wait for 1.7.2 outposts to come in. and build it all in a more real environment. :)
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  7. I guess I'm rude
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  8. I agree. I used to love Warriors and would love to see this built. Unfortunately, I can't donate much other than dirt (though if you are going to build it in the frontier I could supply food).
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  9. What?
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  10. Will this be built in the wild, becuase I am will very soon be starting a project just like this that I have posted on the forums. It's a really cool idea though. Good luck. :)
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  11. ???
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  12. Old thread :p
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  13. K den.
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  14. I fully support this, seems like a big project though. But like Scruffy said, you might want to wait for outposts to come out so you can build it in the wild where it's bigger and has a better environment
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  15. Well, you see, I can make the environment, and I would like The Clans to be view-able by everyone, and some people can't afford to go far out into the wild.
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  16. Will you be doing it on a Utopia residence?
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  17. I plan to be using 9 residences
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  18. I LOVED this book series haha, good luck!
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  19. Ah, definitely enough space then haha
    If you need any help building, I'd be happy to give you a hand!
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  20. Taking donations on 12682!!! Help this project by donating items or rupees!!!
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