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  1. Today I asked my self a question.... What would happen if I filled up an entire normal residence with TNT, from bedrock to the streets, and blow it up? I then decided to claim a residence, dig it up, and fill it with TNT. I have now claimed the residence, but I'm not getting very far with the digging....

    The agenda of Project TNT is the following:
    1. Claim a residence.
    2. Dig it up. X
    3. Buy and Place the TNT. X
    4. Warn the Mods. (The will see this and be warned. :D) X
    5. Gather a crowd. X
    6. Set it alight. X
    But for all of this to work, I need help. I can't do this alone, which is why I have made a free dig on my residence; 1061. I need people to dig it up, all of it. To add an incentive, I have added five Diamond Blocks somewhere in the residence. Three have already been found, can you find the last two?

    I also need TNT. I will happily buy in bulk when the time arises. I currently have a grand total of: 4 TNT, and I need 221,596. (This will be updated.) I have calculated that 60x60x64 (My residence size from Bedrock to the streets) is 221,600: and that is how much TNT I need.

    Also, if anyone is happy to donate items or time, please PM me with the title: "Project TNT Donation: [NAME ITEM/SERVICE TO BE DONATED HERE]". I need Placers, Breakers and Suppliers. Placers place the TNT, Breakers dig up the residence and Suppliers supply.

    Thank you for reading my post, and I wish that Project TNT can continue!

    (Constructive criticism only please!)

  2. This plan is awesome! I hope the server not crashes! :p
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  3. LOL If your entire res is filled with tnt, what is going to be blown up? And I believe tnt only works from 4 blocks into your res XD
  4. If you watch the video from the Empire MineCast you will see that that is false, it get's blowed up more outside
  5. I wanna be at your residence when this happens, someone record it because 101% chance my minecraft is gonna crash. :p
  6. Oh ok then >.>
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  7. I don't know, I didn't invented this plan :p
  8. i want to see this for sure!
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  9. I will record, I get 200+ fps when I am town, so I can record as long as the server doesnt crash. :)
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  10. Me too!
  11. Cool, you guys can record! I'll post the explosion date nearer the time, I might make a obsidian-lined glass viewing area at the top! :D
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  12. I'll probably feel the explosion from here in Tennessee. :confused:
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  13. I can sell/donate some gunpowder,Ill see how many stacks I can supply :)
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  14. Thanks TheStar!
  15. So, you need 66-and-a-bit large chests full of stacks of TNT? O_O

    I don't know if that much is in existence.

    It'd take over 1 million sulphur to make it; at a really low price of, say, 20r for TNT - it's over 4.5 million rupees' worth. Just to make a brief "bang", and a locked-up computer?


    Plus, I think any computer will lag so much that it'll be unusable, once you set it off. Try it, in single-player.
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  16. Its not 60x60x64, its 60x60x63.

    Thats 3600 less TNT :)
  17. Yes, because the last layer, the 64th layer is your bedrock.
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