[PROJECT] Pink Frosted Sprinkle Donut!

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  1. *Before the "are you coming baccckkk?" "I thought you lefttt?!" appear, read this first*

    No, I don't know if I will be returning, I'm just doing this for a great friend of mine.

    I'm currently working on a Pink Frosted Sprinkle Donut (PFSD for short) for a spawn residence, on Smp7 residence 14008.

    I am in the need of donations, chests are set up, for the wools I aquire and for rupee donations, I will be soon doing more pixel art designs on this residence, but, in the near future.

    Donations are GREATLY accepted, and are in the need currently!

    I don't know if I'll be returning, I might be just returning to help out others, or to start up my own residence and become more active, I don't know yet.

  2. Rupee donations are greatly accepted as well.
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  3. Bumpppppp.

    Any suggestions on what I should build after this?
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  4. a joker card
  5. A pig!
    Guys if you donate it'll help a lot to the project, we are trying to make the Smp7 town spawn look a little nicer with this res, so please help :D
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  6. Current Progress!


    We are in much need of magenta wool!
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  7. Ill see what I can do
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  8. Progress 2!

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  9. So this is what I saw beginning yesterday :D
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  10. I made a new donating area at my own residence for future wool creations! :D

    2013-07-06_16.10.50.png 2013-07-06_16.10.45.png
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  11. Just saw it, looks great so far :D
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  12. Give suggestions of what else Pig and I should put on the residences for wool / pixel art :)
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  13. Jeff the Killer
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  14. Bumparooni!
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  15. Bumppppp
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  16. Progress 3! ALMOST DONEEEE!
  17. And in my head, I can only hear Homer Simpson going "Donut..."
  18. Your a traitor... You should be shunned for life for what ou have done! Now I order you to make a giant muffin on a res as punishment. I thought it was muffins for life D: /jk