[PROJECT]Massive Tree

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  1. On 7027 on smp3 I have started a project to make a giant tree. I need about 40 stacks of wood and a ton of leaves. I am buying wood for 50r a stack. Hope everyone can help out. :) Updates will be posted every once and a while.
  2. Ask Dwight5273, he can help you.
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  3. What will it look like? Any idea? will it have branches?
  4. All Oak? I presume...
  5. Yes, it will have branches. It will be 100% oak wood and oak leaves.
  6. You planning on using the full 60x60 for it? Will 50 stacks be enough?
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  7. Screenshot of progress?
  8. I haven't had time to work on it besides the base. It's not the full 60 by 60. It's going to be 60 blocks tall though...
  9. UPDATE: Have some people getting wood now. The price has changed to 62r a stack.
  10. Needs roots.
  11. Why can't I? It will eventually get roots... right now I'm making branches.
  12. Sounds like it will be great.
    It will be nice to see it when it is finished.
  13. UPDATE: The trunk is 32 blocks tall. We have branches and some leaves. Special thanks to johnnyn5 for getting leaves.
  14. This thing is massive!
  15. I would like to put a garden oasis or something of the sort in the top.
  16. How about on the inside?
  17. I meant inside the top.
  18. Been finished for quite some time now... thank you everyone that helped and supported this project!
  19. Pics?