Project Leviathan

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    Welcome to Project Leviathan!

    What is PL?
    PL will be a small private group of role players that will meet on my private server occasionally to play
    a specialized game.

    What is the game?
    The game involves being on a ship and several aircraft. This special task force is
    deployed around the globe to search for persons that are deemed extremely
    dangerous people. There are a variety of positions that can be filled, where they all have to work in tandem to take down the targets.

    Who is eligible?
    Anyone who meets one of the following criteria:
    Be older than one year of EMC and have no bans
    Be 16 or older and have no bans
    Be a respected community member, you know who you are

    What is needed?
    A legitimate copy of Minecraft
    A Skype
    A working microphone

    These events will primarily happen on weekends. I will not be participating as I will
    be acting as the game master.

    Weapons Officer:
    Boarding Team Leader 1:
    Boarding Team Member (3): southpark347, princebee
    Boarding Team Leader 2:
    Boarding Team Member (3):
    Pilots (4):
    Scuba Team (4):
    Navigation Officer:
    Maintenance Crew (6):
    Head Engineer:

    EMC Age:
    Skype ID:

    This will not start for a long while. I still need my new computer and need to figure out how to work some of the things. So be patient please :)
  2. For those with concerns, this is permitted as long as
    • Server IP is only given to those who apply successfully
    • The purpose of the server is to act only within a role playing theme, as EMC does not offer this aspect of playstyle
  3. Sent my application VIA PM to keep my age uhm... Not Public.
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  4. southpark347 has been added as a member of the Boarding Team!
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  7. also sent in application over PM :3
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  9. A quartermaster position has been added!
  10. Hash98 has joined us as the Quartermaster!
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  12. Can I ask, Why a year on EMC?
  13. This is to ensure maturity of the player and make sure they can function well with others :). It also means they can go with something for the long run.