[Project] Jimbo Offices

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  1. Hello my ladies and gentlemen!
    Today I have a small snapshot of something I'm doing a bit of work on...
    More details to come soon... (Including location and updates)

  2. Funny thing is, Im working on South Offices on smp8 .. Yay offices ftw!
  3. Offices are awesome! :D
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  4. stupid shaders make everything look SO GOOD. :p
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  5. Need any snow for your office or perhaps iron blocks?
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  6. I have a double chest of snow and one of ice...
    If you have some yellow or light green wool to spare I may incorporate that into the design some how :)
    Thanks for your offer :)
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  7. Looks great so far :) I've seen a bit from the town path. If you need anything feel free to ask :).
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  8. Just a question...
    Even though I won't have enough rupees... Will these be for sale?
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  9. Looks great, I do have a question though: Is there a particular reason for building an office? Like not to be mean just wondering, have I missed something?
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  10. Thanks! I may need some things for furnishing but other than that so far I'm sorted :)

    Probably not

    Hahaha no not really just to look nice :)
    Also I will have some farms and storage there.
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  11. Added wall and sitting area to lobby. Feeling the need to move the wall one more in... opinion needed :)
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  12. That is one sexy-looking abode you've got going there. :)
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