[Project] Hotel Guardian and Block-a-shop

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  1. Hey guys blaze here. I now have a project in progress. If you want to sea( hehe word play) it, I'm building on herobrinejules results on utopia. The hotel is in progress of being built. I would ask if you could please donate either rupees or and prismine block ( prismine brick and block, and also dark prismine ) . If you have any questions or concerns, place them in this thread. Thank you and have a great day
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  2. What res number?
  3. Thank you brotato (hehe get it?) And I have currently been there but it's a slow procces
  4. And steamboatWillie let me get that for you.
  5. The address is 5934 willie
  6. Donater: mayoman100 stack of Prismine blocks
  7. Donator: arkwarrior1 5k ruppess
  8. May i suggest posting in one post, instead of many to prevent thread spam?
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