[PROJECT] Highway to Mesa 2.0

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  1. I was browsing the live map for locations of note, and I stumbled upon a MASSIVE Mesa biome on smp1 not far from spawn! The one thing I need to kick-start this project is cobblestone. Donate it to me at /v 3351 on smp2 to help with this project.
    Mesa madness, here I come!
  2. I'm going to help with that....duh!
  3. I will donate some rupees to this. I would use them to buy rails... ;)
  4. Hey, which outpost to go from since it is in between two? I vote for going across the water. Easier than land and with torches, a fast, no monster ride.
  5. I was thinking the north outpost, because as you said, it's over water so there's less mobs around.
  6. Already started. Anyone wanna help build this? Come on over to smp1 with cobble and torches and start placing blocks.
  7. I'm gonna assume this is in the wastelands?
  8. Yes.
  9. Ok, so smp1. Wastelands north. Go east from there. The first row is placed all the way to the mesa with torches. The rest of the road and rail are starting to be placed. We'll leave room for riding a horse or donkey across.
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  10. The only thing we need to do now is fatten up the bridge a bit. I'd appreciate it if someone one donate more cobblestone to do so.
  11. I'll drop by some cobble :)
  12. i used this today, thank you guys for your hard work!
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  13. w00t, w00t, I think it's really cool of you guys to do this! I once started a highway project and what could be cooler than seeing other people pick up on that?

    I'm probably too late but will have a look see if I can help out somewhere when I come online later.
  14. I'll probably help later today. :3 It is almost 4am where im at, Also got a small headache. :p But I will help with this. :3
    tl;dr: Mesa's are cool to go to.
  15. Ok, Dunno how much Cobble I donated, But I donated a lot. :3
  16. What is mesa

  17. This is a mesa. :3
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  18. :confused: my brain was timed out I know what Mesa is
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