[ PROJECT ] Fixing the Wild/PRA Areas

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  1. Hey EMC-ers!

    Just recently, AlexChance posted this:
    So I posted, and this is basically what I said I'd like it for.

    A project that I would like to work on, now that I have founded the SMP6 Paradise Point Outpost (See here), I'd like our crew out there to make a difference to the community of EMC. This means, I would like to do something that would make me someone who is commemorated by the server owner, admins, moderators and community as a whole. This something I would like to dedicate my Minecraft time to is fixing the PRA holes, making 4-layer safety bridges, setting up resting/safety stations, and replacing all visible lava holes with water.

    This would make for less complaints about the wilderness, people would actually give some respect to these areas, because members have taken their time to make it a safer and somewhat easier journey.

    So, the list of needs for this huge job is definitely huge too. Cobblestone to make the bridges, water to fill in the lava holes, truckloads of dirt to fill in the PRA holes, some cobblestone for the mini-stations, saplings and shearers.

    The saplings and shearers would be for breaking all of the floating leaves/replacing those empty spaces with new trees.

    If anybody has any questions, worries or tips/information, please leave your comments below. NEW: If you would like to join me in this project, send a PM my way so we can discuss how we'll work this out!

    I would like to thank AlexChance very, very much for the 40k, and I assure everyone that not one single cent of it will be spent on myself.

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  2. i will help!
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  4. Yes, but I think that it might interest you :)
  5. Send me a private message, we can discuss 'stuff' in there :D
  6. Whatz doez youz meanz?

    edit: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  7. think he is donating?
  8. Yeah he donated 20k... obviously, lalwzrotfllmfaolawlz.
    Now I have 71k... most rupees I have EVER had. EVER.
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  9. Stop spending time of thanking and get starting on the wild instead :p
  10. I have loads of homework and after-school sports this term (8 more weeks) meaning I will only have time on the weekends :( So grateful for the donations, but also sad that I can't work on this ASAP.
  11. Yay!