SMP6 Paradise Point Outpost!

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What should we change our name to?

Poll closed Aug 16, 2012.
Don't change your name! 33 vote(s) 50.8%
Pelican Point Outpost 6 vote(s) 9.2%
Cyclone Sea Outpost 6 vote(s) 9.2%
Sunrise Shore Outpost 14 vote(s) 21.5%
One Day Until Dawn Outpost (ODUDO) 4 vote(s) 6.2%
Creation Point Outpost 2 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. Hello, members of EMC.

    There is something special being worked on now - and that is the SMP6 Paradise Point Outpost.
    It is located very far from spawn, and only members are to know the coordinates.
    So far, we have around eight members, and some visitors, who come by every now and then to
    offer up suggestions.

    We have a few houses, that are already occupied, storage areas, mines, farms, three grinders and, we are working on extra housing complexes, for new members to come and live in.

    This idea first came to me when I first visited the Last Light Outpost on smp7, a lovely little community
    who live out in the wilderness, and are constantly expanding their creation.

    I have been visiting their outpost once a week, taking in note the size, creations, and popularity.
    By setting this community up on smp6, none of us wish to copy zulu9 + co's creation.

    I will leave all of the pictures in thumbnail form at the end of the post, so you can see for yourself why you'd like to join us.

    If you'd like to join us, please leave a message on this forum with these details:

    My username is:
    My home server is:
    I can help by:
    I can be on at: to: (each day/ everyday/ when I want)

    If I accept you into our crew, you will find details in your Inbox, with a message titled 'Welcome to PPO'

    Thanks to Riley9881, lixdy, Bunda153, Silken_thread, M4nic_M1ner, bigfatfing and AvonCalling69, for helping me through the first stage of building.
    I also would like to thank 333kirby, who bought my 'Goodies Chest' a few weeks ago, bidding 13k which provided funds to build this outpost.

    We at the Paradise Point Outpost do not wish in any way to have copied the LLO, and apologise for any confusion if it comes to us copying anybody.
    I'd also like to say, if you come across our base at any one time, please refrain from harvesting from our farms, killing or harming any animals, griefing our buildings or in any way vandalising our work. Thanks again!

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  2. BUMP!

    Sorry, but I really need some feedback/comments.
  3. My username is: Audrey455 My home server is: smp6 I can help by: building things, helping out and more I can be on at: when I want (currently on vacation)
  4. So can I join?
  5. Okay, sure! The next time I'm wandering near town I'll bring you across!
  6. ok im on vacation though
  7. The only thing this server needs is factions so people won't grefe
  8. Next time I'm wandering AND you're online!
    Something that allows people to protect their own land, or a sensor that makes it so that only the placer of the block can delete it.
  9. Will I have to buy a house?
  10. Like presus stones sorry my spelling
  11. :( So after all of those pictures, you never decided to take a snap of ANY of my stuff? Thanks Maddy. Now no one will see my awesome buildings
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  12. I will :3
  13. My username is: TheMikano
    My home server is: SMP1 & Utopia
    I can help by: Building & maybe little redstone stuff ;)
    I can be on at: to: When I want..

    I'm a member of Last Light Outpost :D

  14. You will have to wait for MissMadison910 to come back from where she went. I do not currently accept Applications from anybody. Goodluck!
  15. My username is: DeadSkaia
    My home server is: Smp1
    I can help by: Providing materials, building, etc...
    I can be on at: to: Almost Everyday...
  16. My username is: Nickjwolfe
    My home server is: smp8 will move to smp6 obviously
    I can help by: mining, gather, im dedicated, and above a nice non grifing persone
    I can be on at: anytime thats not 9:45-1am est but other then that whenever
  17. Hey, I put in your skeleton grinder!
    Sorry for not replying earlier, worrying about minor leg injury after going to the park. You guys are all added, I will put you all into a list so you can see what I need done. This post will be edited every now and then, so it will show what needs to be done for me.
    By the way, we need votes as to what we officially name it!

    Sending everyone a Inbox MSG with details.
  18. Obviously you have to call it Pelican Point Outpost, then you can create a larger town further along the coast called Bunbury.
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  19. My username is: nonamenut
    My home server is: SMP3
    I can help by: Building and providing materials, tools and other stuff.
    I can be on at: to: Whenever my comp works :3
  20. You from near there? I loved it when I went there, so it's sort of as a name dedicated to the place :)
    Accepted, will send everyone a joint PM with details.