Project EMC Is Done

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  1. This project, really a service will open on the day after the official WSR ( April 27th). What this is is where I me, and myself will provide free HUMAN RESOURCES, to create large structures, farms, anything that isn't boring but you don't want to do it yourself. YOU must provide the material, and I may be busy working on my new mall project. That's right my brother gave it right to me. Which also means I will soon be filthy stinking rich with nothing to do.. so that's why I did this, and also to make noob res', into elegant mansions. Suggest anything appropriate please, find me at a good time after the race. Donations are VERY much appreciated!
  2. *Posting for future interest.
    I might just have use of this
  3. labour?
  4. Basically.
  5. Umm okay this sounds cool ;)
  6. What is this really for..?
  7. Maybe I am nice and do stuff free..
  8. *Spot Holder*
    Off to make a dirt house!
  9. -Spot Holder-
  10. Bumpinator809!
  11. *jumps in the line* I'm in!
  12. Due to a large delay in the WSR this service is OPEN, please post replys and this is the waiting list:
  13. -Spot Holder?-
  14. Ask for a slot, and tell me what you want, I don't know what you mean about spot holding.
  15. I don't know what everyone means by spot holder either. :confused:

    I don't need anything done atm, i like to do my own stuff. :p
    Maybe in the future though :D
  16. *Might want this when I dig out my farm room*
  17. If you would like and are not busy i want to build a nice res on SMP3, I will supplie the supplies. Please PM me back a reply