[Project] Auto Sorter!

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  1. Hey all, if you've been on SMP9, you might have heard me constantly call out for comparators, repeaters, and hoppers :p
    Well, this is what they all came to be:
    When I'm finished labelling all the items, I hope to sort every single stackable item in Minecraft. This has taken me months to create, although I haven't been working on it much. I finished due to the fact that this week was Spring Break for me, and I had plenty of time to slave over this project. Anywho, stare into my glorified auto sorter and take a look yourself if you want to at /v 18137 storage. I would also appreciate donations to buy the items to sort (it's complicated, I don't know how to explain it :confused:), although I do not need them.

    So, 100k and an SC of hoppers later, tada!
  2. <insert drooling here>

    Whoops, sorry for the mess I'm causing there. Oh wait, only on my own keyboard. Meh, serves me right :p

    Say, this looks amazing! But this obviously leads up to this question: can this awesomeness be viewed in-game as well? I'd really like to walk around and see this stuff up close.

    I should really read everything instead of going OMG, staring at the pic and then forgetting all about the post. Sorry there.

    But this looks amazing! I'm definitely going to check this out later this evening, count on it!
  3. Thank you, I also drooled after completing it! Haha what are you talking about....

    Thank you to you all for the positive likes towards this, it really means a lot to me :)
  4. Does it work like it is suppose to? Mine keeps passing the 22 limit on the middle hopper, causing not to filter.
  5. Yep, it works just fine. For your 22 limit problem, do you have the hopper pointing into a comparator?
  6. Ooo, looks awesome, i could do with one of those..:rolleyes:
    I tried to make one but it failed..
  7. This design isn't exactly efficient, I noticed you have the redstone all connected with one another. If the item input exceeds a length of two you can very easily break your machine