[Project 1776] A Much Need Memorial

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  1. Yes, all the rumors are true, the tomato king is back in the building! This time with a memorial to honor all those who have come before us and serve everyday to protect us at citizens of these here great United States of America (sorry GB, Austrailia, and other no US countries). If all goes well I plan on recreating the new One World Trade Center, fitting considering it is 1,776 feet tall (see what I did there?). Here is an excerpt about the 1 WTC:

    And here is a current picture:

    Now I have heard all the demands to bring back my 811 shop and I plan on also making this replica a shop to replace 811. Though, I do not want the shop to take away from the importance of the 1 WTC.

    UPDATE #2 - Iron Blocks starting to appear:

    UPDATE #1 - Base shell complete:

    Some materials I plan on needing are (will be updated when creative version is complete):
    ~ Ice (lots of it!)
    ~ Stone
    ~ Gray Wool (lots of it!)
    ~ White Wool
    ~ Wood
    ~ Iron Blocks (lots of it!)
    ~ Glowstone (lots of it!)

    Thanks for everything EMC, you guys and girls have been great to me!

    ~ The Tomato King
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  2. What color wool?
  3. As of right now I am needing gray and white.
  4. Ill provide some glowstone, how much do you need?
  5. As of right now I am thinking around a double chest of glowstone :confused:
  6. Wat kind of wood? :cool:
  7. A lot of oak and birch.
  8. Are these donations or are you buying?
  9. Wat about any of the 4 wide trees?.... I.E. Spruce, Dark Oak, Jungle? :p
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  10. I am absolutely buying everything! :)

    Don't think so :p
  11. Ill be sure to help out, this is a good thing you're doing :)
  12. I will get working on a DC of ice for the one and only tomato and I have 6 stacks of iron blocks I must donate as well, can you pickup from our res though? :p
  13. Thank you! :)
    Thanks so much! :)
  14. You didnt answer my question doe....
  15. My bad, of course I can pick it up ;)
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  16. Awesome! I'm happy to see you back:D
  17. Thanks! :D
  18. Really looking forward to this, awesome choice of what to build :)
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  19. Thanks mate! :)
  20. Materials I need the most:
    - Gray Wool
    - Ice
    - Iron Blocks