[Produt] Auto Smelters

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  1. Hey All,
    So recently I have had a lot of requests to make Auto Smelters, I have a pretty cool design so I thought hey lets spread the work a bit so I am now selling Auto Smelters. :D

    Here is an image of it. 2013-11-28_15.58.16.png

    Base Price: 5k for 6 furnaces (as shown above) (If you want it smaller just let me know and I will work out a price)
    500r for every extra furnace after the first six

    Lava Storage: 500r Enough space to hold 64 lava source blocks!!!

    The casing as shown above is provided in the prices above (if you do not require this then let me know.)

    I will throw in some 'insurance' for free as well so if there are any issues with the Auto Smelter then I will come out and fix them anytime the only condition is that you keep everything the same as it was when I left it. Also I would very much appreciate if you do not copy and resell the design as that would be unfair and would invalidate my business

    These sizes will change with the different designs.

    If you are interested in this then please PM me and I will be more than happy to help.

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  2. Great idea!
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  3. I like your design! I'll consider ordering and I'll get back to you later today :)
  4. Ok as I said just PM me and I'll get back to you when I can but as its during the day I am constantly checking the site anyway so I should get back to you quickly. :)
  5. I apologize for the misspell on the title if a mod could fix that I would be most appreciative and Bump!!!
  6. is there any way u can show me how to build one
  7. The only way to get the design is for me to make it and as I said in the orignial post I would not like the design to be coppied because then what is ghe point in selling them? Of that was to be your intention.
  8. I made an area for you. Will you be available tomorrow afternoon?
  9. I should be online from now for the next 10 hours or so if I don't get bored that is so let me know when you are available.
  10. Bump for the Furnaces also I have updated the design so get your order in now and get 2 free furnaces for FREE!!!!!! saving you 1000r.

    Until 10PM GMT Tomorrow where there may be more great deals!!!!
  11. Vouch for this guy, had him build me a 10 furnace machine and it works perfectly. He also got the job done in 20 minutes. Nice job :)
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  12. Mine seems like its broken, i put sand in and waited 10 min watching it and it never smelted :/
  13. ok flaming I have an updated version which will work better I will be online later this evening to fix it for you.
  14. Alright I just tried to burn some items, did everything right but the hopperminecart wasn't moving at all, all the fuel I put it apparently went into 2 furnaces and the rest got stuck, and you didn't even build the part where flipping the switch toggles the autopull.. So it's unusable until you fix it.
  15. It was working when I left it I will be on shortly to look at it