Problem with rupee history

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  1. Title says it all, rupees history won't load... I hit 1million and rupees history is stuck on 950k
  2. lol, you will never see 1 million rupees
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  3. Im experiencing a problem too. My amount of rupees shown on site is different than the one shown in game.
    Gave me a heart attack when I first saw it. lol
  4. It shows on profile not how I got it :(

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  5. Seems like the problem is getting fixed :)
    Server restarted
  6. everything on the site is a duplication of the master DB that the game uses. problem is the clone got out of sync so it was reporting bad data. I've changed the game code to add rupee data in a slightly different way that should hopefully get things in sync from here now... but old logs will be weird.
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  7. seems you didnt hit 1 million, master had you under, and the fix got your site displaying the correct rupee logs.

    So soon as a transaction comes in the site will sync back up to right numbers.
  8. So how did it show 1million? D:

    I'm only 40k away tho :p
  9. Lmfao

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  10. Now you're only 39,999r away!
  11. image.jpg
    Mine has a huge difference...
  12. I looks like it did everything of yesterday doubled.... For deathconn he has a lot of -'s, so his endtotal was less.
    I think this because I yesterday got 10.5k, and my total is 10.5k too much.
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  13. As soon as you get a new transaction, everything will get corrected.
    Atleast, that happend to me!
  14. Yup, happend to me as well.
  15. It appears that I've lost a fair few rupees :p

    But a simple transaction from my alt fixed it up.
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