Problem Running Minecraft

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  1. I cannot run minecraft. I open the minecraft launcher, to the log-in screen and press Play. Then the launcher closes as normal, but no minecraft game starts to run. I have tried multiple times now with no luck. Please help me figure this out so I can play on EMC. I recently installed a java update if that helps.
  2. Did it work before?

    What operating system (or "what kind of computer") are you on?
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  3. Did you press full-screen mode?
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  4. Try a fresh profile and see if that works.
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  5. Yes it worked before
    I am running Windows 8.1
  6. Try this:

    ● un-instal mincraft and download it again.
    ● Update/instal Java
    ● log out on your acount --- login
    ● Play on 1.7.9 / 1.7.10 / 1.8

    I hope can help you.
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  7. Fresh profile still doesn't work.
  8. Have you tried doing as Pascal said? (Uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft?)
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  9. I just reinstalled and it works! Thank you for the help everyone!
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