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  1. So lately theres been a lot of drama in fair pvp and when i didn't know what fair pvp was i was using sticks and stuff. but now staff has said no items in fair pvp because it causes argue and stress. I've seen lots of people with stuff in fair pvp and i simply tell them no items and they start to argue and stuff. its really annoying how staff said no yet people still do it. it just causes more argue. and EMC does not like argue. i just don't like people saying it does the same damage but theres just no items. its just a suggestion to stop items in fair pvp. don't get mad it me its just a suggestion :p
  2. 1: Fair PvP is like a Fair. It's PvPing instead thou.
    2: Yes, it is getting arguments. You'll just have to ignore it. With /ignore (Player).
    3: Just let them have armor and stuff, they'll get banned for having it. Staff will take care of it.
    4: This should be in the Suggestion Box If it's a suggestion.
    5: Let staff take care of this. It's not your problem, it's staff's problem.
  3. Ik its just annoying listening to it and staff are not very very quick (No offense staff)
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  4. I know, but they're taking care of it as fast as they can. Also, just let people argue. This is none of your business, it's staff's business. Please don't post stuff like this on forums, PM staff about instead. You don't need the whole world to know.
  5. I need people who use fair pvp to know and idk how long that would take to pm them I'm just making a suggestion its annoying listening to this stuff and its annoying being killed by it. i just want it to stop.
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  6. Well, I use PvP fair. I know theres bin arguing. But I don't worry about it because staff will take care if it. Calm down, staff's got it under control. I know it's annoying, and it will stop. Let staff to there job, even contact a staff member if it's such a big deal. I'm not going to do it for you. And if you don't get what I'm saying, contact me and I'll help you.
  7. I am not sure about this: I think you could use items, but it didn't affect the damage/protection of you
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  8. I reported the player and staff still not here but there still arguing its annoying and getting on my nerves idk if it's not my business its annoying and not fun and ruins pvp
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  9. Yes, this is what I was at least trying to explain to him. You can use items, but it just didn't damage/protect you like EnderMagic4 said.
  10. Quit SMP6 for now then. And if they don't stop arguing go get a staff member. But, please just let staff handle this!! THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
  11. But staff said no items and we should listen to that but ur saying we can use items when staff said not too!
  12. Ok, when you get to the fair arenas there are signs there that state that your fists do the same damage as a weapon, and no armor has the same protection as diamond armor ( don't quote me on diamond ).

    If you want to use items just use the normal pvp arena's, its pretty simple.

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  13. Never tell someone to quit a SMP its not good its basically saying quit EMC and staff do not like that and idk if its not my business it getting on my nerves so stop saying that
  14. Umm, never tell a member to 'quit' an smp, its very rude and to be honest, staff has already handled this. People ( me included ) have warned you about your wording, please take it into consideration.
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  15. Just /report if you see items in pvp fair, then leave. It is the easiest way to solve the problem
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  16. Thank you for stating that :)
    Yes i agree, I u wanna use items go to regular pvp just go there and pvp if u want to. fair pvp is so other people are more powerful so u can go to fair pvp and its…well…fair!
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  17. Thats Exactly What i did I'm just saying… no staff is here :p
  18. Not much you can do if there is no staff, just wait and move to a different arena or to a different area/project. I'm sure it is something they're working on
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  19. Why should one quit SMP6 for wanting to listen to what the staff has told him?
  20. Alright, this thread has gotten out of hand...

    PvP Fair was recently fixed to where all items deal the same amount of damage. The holograms on that floor of the pvp arena explain this. You can bring other items in, but it won't do you any good.

    As for the arguments, most are due to poor sportsmanship. Maybe if you all tried to play nice with each other, then staff wouldn't have to get involved. If you do require assistance, Please report it. We won't know something is wrong if we don't get a report.