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  1. At the Purple Party last week, I received a Pro Voucher. Does anyone know what this is for? Is it redeemable for anything?

  2. Could you get a screenshot of it?
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  3. To my knowledge, no official items named "Pro Vouchers" were dropped. Is the name in italics? Is it colored? Does it have lore?
  4. Is it not just an anvil-renamed piece of paper?
  5. Could you put a screenshot in here so we can check it :)
  6. See the screenshot

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  7. It is fake.
  8. Well, "fake" is quite the wrong word, it's not trying to impersonate anything.

    But, to answer the question in the OP, you can't redeem it for anything, it's been made by a player.
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  9. Google "screen shot mac" xD
    It's renamed by a player, nothing from staff.
  10. Bummer. Thanks for your quick replies.
  11. I meant that it is fake in relation to being a real drop from the PPP.:p
  12. It is a real drop from the PPP ;) Dropped by a real regular player instead of a real staff member.
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