PRO plays minecraft LP series!

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  1. Hello all, recently, I've been doing an LP series.

    You can view it here:

    Note, these are mostly safe to watch without headphones near parents, but there is some coarse language here and there :p.

    If you like it, leaving a like or subscribing would be amazing. Thanks guys!

    Newest episode:

    To do list:

    Base ("compound"): 5 floors done

    Xp farm: done!

    High altitude mob farm: Fully functional, water stream/water tunnel afk system to come.

    Iron farm: nearly done!

    Give PRO money: don't ;).

    (Also, if a mod could lock/delete/do something to my other pro plays minecraft thread, which is here, that'd be great. Thanks.)
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  2. Cool.. Will watch.
    EDIT: What texture pack is that?
  3. Defscape 32x32
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  4. thanks
  5. PRO... I wanna do a guest appearance on your lets play!
  6. Sure. Fly over to MA and I'll get you on a LAN :p
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  7. -_- Make it into a server
  8. Wish I knew how to do that :p
  9. I know how to
  10. Episode six is coming together, just haven't had a chance to record my progress. Mob farm is being built! :D

  11. Episode 6 is up!
  12. Bump, I have some footage of me and inuyasha derping on my server with my LP map. Lets just say tnt minecarts are the best thing ever.

  13. Mob farm is complete! I also blow up cacti.
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  14. Bump, I'm looking for opinions on what I should do for the next episode. I'm deciding between starting the iron farm structure and messing around with tnt :p
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  15. Who doesn't love TNT.
  16. My landscape...
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  17. That sounds like a personal problem to me...
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  18. Ooh, this thread hasn't had a post since May xD

    Oh well, bump, new video is coming out in a few minutes (exporting and uploading is annoying). Time for me to get started on my iron farm!

    EDIT: make that 30 minutes...
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