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  1. Hi Guys,

    A bunch of friends and I are all working together on one residence. We have therefore all been given (by myself) all flags (build, use, move, breed, kill, etc). We are working happily together.

    I would like one or more chests to be completely private, and still only accessible by me. My friends would like the same. I've tried every command that exists on the Empire Guide. I've tried asking friends online in the town chat multiple times - we've all tried, we cannot make it happen.

    Allow the use of the "lock" function, or something similar like "private" in town.
  2. Yes, the penguin supports. Not that that means anything...

    I have always wanted something like this. I think it'll be very useful.

    On a completely unrelated note, I found a note that I wrote to myself reminding me to remind me to do something... I'll remind myself to do it tomorrow.
  3. It's very simple.

    -Remove their container perms
    -Put access signs above the chests they need
    -Profit! :)
  4. Is it to procrastinate?
    Yeah, you can get on that later lol
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  5. That works too...
  6. Actually, it doesn't work in all situations. I own the 3512 community farm, which includes public utilities such as furnaces and brewing stands. In the beginning, I also had chests set up to buy some crops so that people could make a quick buck or two. Someone quickly pointed out that people could keep selling the crops and taking them out and selling them again and etc. If I were to put access signs on every single brewing stand and furnace, not only would it be exhausting, but it would also reduce efficiency for those using it, and I don't want that.

    I have thought about this idea before myself and how useful it would be. It is a 100% thumbs up from me. :)
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  7. I've thought it would be nice to be able to have permissions to Chests that I make and place on another residence. One situation I've been in is where I'm working on someone else's residence. They give me Build and Use permissions and maybe a chest with Access, but then I run out of space and they aren't around.

    I've also had people ask me for Access chests to store items in when they move residences. The potential problem here is that they are not only trusting me, but also everyone else who has Container permissions on my residence, whether they know it or not. Having a Chest that by default has only certain access permissions on it would change that.

    Not that I give container perms lightly, but if anything were to turn up missing, it's a lot simpler if there are only two people involved. This would also help in situations where people running shops with multiple people since they wouldn't need container permission or access signs.
  8. That does work - and I had considered that - for a small / simple situation. However it is not elegant or efficient. What if I have 2000 chests, with 10+ players needing access? Better if we can have the "flipside" and simply lock a single chest. This would ensure:
    1) I know that none of my "Friends" are stealing.
    2) I know my items are safe from the evils that lay ahead.
  9. Well, if they lock it... you can't break it.
  10. I love this idea! I was thinking about it myself recently. If you could prevent people from access certain parts of your res it would be awesome! :D
  11. Good point - but still a needed function. Perhaps the residence owner can always have full access - or perhaps there is another solution that I haven't thought of for that specific problem.

    Maybe we could all have a "linked chest" - that is linked to a chest in our own residence. For example:

    Person A - has a chest in Residence A.
    Person B - gives Person A full flags to Residence B.
    Person A can create a chest in Residence B - that is linked/synchronized with the chest in Residence A.

    That way - Person B can always just delete the chest that was created in ResB > and the items will still be there in ResA for the original owner. Using this method - Person B would not need "access" to the chest either (only to be able to delete it).
  12. Enderchests work just like that. Anyone can use them on a res.
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  13. So - do we sit back and wait for admin to come and respond? Should I promote this thread to my colleagues so its stats go up? How do we "move forward"?
  14. I believe we sit back and wait for an admin.

    But, about your linked chest... Is that even possible without plug-ins?
  15. You just have to wait for someone who can do something to see this. Just bump it every now and then.
  16. Rainbow is actually right: If you don't trust someone enough to have ALL your chests open to them then they shouldn't really be given permissions. :)
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  17. I disagree with this. It's not an "all in or all out" situation. There are many instances when a person is needed to help with certain elements of a residence (and should not have full access). There are also many instances where you cannot grant somebody trust over everything. Sorry but; your argument is illogical.

    Your parents let you live in their house - but do they let you drive their Mercedes? Do they give you their credit cards? No - everyone needs a level of privacy and security over some elements of their house & possessions (just like in MC).

    Oh and also; BUMP!
  18. True. But I think that this should be added because I think it would be useful. I trusted my friend (whom I knew in real life) with perms to my res. He destroyed hours worth of building. He stole everything from my chests and all the coal from my furnaces. He then sold it all because he said he needed to "survive". It shows you trust some people who are not worthy of being trusted. I like this Idea.
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  19. Good point, but that's where the separate flags come in. You have move in a res but you don't have build in a res. Just like you can live in your house but you can't break down walls.

    I see what you want, more specific permissions so to answer your suggestion, this is (sort-of) coming... [EMC-105] :)
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  20. Seems legit.
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