Prison Architect thread

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  1. I got this a couple of days ago. I'm still working with my first prison. I made a lot of mistakes early on (only 4 prisoners have escaped so far), so I've been trying to work around those and fix what I can, which is why the design is wonky. I still don't know all the systems yet, and yes, I turned off fog of war. Anyway, discuss, and feel free to tell me everything I am doing wrong.
  2. No one plays Prison Architect?
  3. i have, but havnt played much to know what you have ;) lol
  4. Here is a tip: Do not build a better prison on the other side of the road. It will not end well. Personal experience, tried to move the prisoners and they escaped.
  5. When I got this game I decided to mess around first, didn't end up well :p Had 100 Prisoners fighting each other in a holding cell and had to call in the Riot Squad. Fun times...
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  6. That's why you make a pathway between the roads :3

    use fences and road gates (locked) to keep them in
  7. It is a good game (I was a pirate and got it ;))
  8. I strongly suggest you buy it. Buying it helps the devs make the game better.
  9. kept this playing for a minute before i realized i wanted to do something with my life
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  10. Just bought the game. I'm not very good at it and don't know how to stop new prisoners joining as I can't keep up with cells.
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  11. Click on Reports in the bottom right corner, click on the Prisoners tab, and from there you can close and open what type of prisoners you will take in.
  12. Ah. Thanks! :) Also, can you have more than 1 prisoner per cell? Like put 3 beds down in a cell and then have 3 live inside
  13. I've never actually thought about that... I would assume not?
  14. Will someone explain prison in minecraft to me?
  15. Just tried it and you can't :( That's a bummer. Hopefully they'll add it one day!
  16. Well, you could make a holding cell. Obviously you'd need a bench, but other than that...
  17. You can put beds in and then prisoners in the holding cell will sleep in there.
  18. I knew that, I was just saying that there would need to be room for the bench at all.