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  1. For those who don't get the it, Bo Burnham had this rant about how Pringles' cans are too small for his hand.
    Video: (Contains bad language)
  2. I can empathize :eek:
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  3. Yeah I know what you all mean. But you know what I do. I tilt the pringles can so the chips come to me.
  4. atta way to treat those pringles
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  5. I tip the entire Pringles can into my mouth.
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  6. Can you eat them in one big gulp?
  7. I just pringle the can.
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  8. I pour the pringles into my hand then eat them that way.
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  9. I stick my big hand in there and manipulate it very well, it's quite impressive.
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  10. Ye
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  11. Lol I have small enough hands to reach into the can xD.
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