Princebee's Mod Making!

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  1. Did you ever want to make a mod?
    Well, I can't help you with that, but I can make a mod for you!

    50r Off any purchase (Including 1 thing!)

    607 - Peaceful Mod, 4 Recipes

    1 Block/Armor/Achievement/Command/Item/Tool/Mob/Recipe/Food/Biome/Fuel - 50r

    1 Ore (Block), 1 Armor, 1 Item, 1 Set Of Tools - 325r

    1 Mob, 1 Armor, 1 Item, 1 Food, 1 Recipe - 220r

    1 Biome, 2 Mobs, 2 Blocks, 1 Fuel (Dropped By Mobs), 1 Item (Dropped By Mobs), 1 Set Of Tools/1 Multi-Tool - 500r

    2 Blocks, 1 Armor, 1 Achievement, 1 Command, 1 Item, 1 Set Of Tools/1 Multi-Tool, 2 Mobs, 1 Recipe, 1 Food, 1 Biome, 1 Fuel - 700r

    Please PM Me if you want a mod made.
  2. A Deal has been set!
  3. Can you elaborate further as to what is entailed? It seems a bit vague.
  4. You tell me what mod you would like made, I make it! (For 1.5)
  5. Is this Legal to do?
  6. I was hoping of the "Foundation Mod"
    Simple: You must build a STONE foundation for your house, or it will fall.
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  7. Can you make plugins for bukkit?
  8. ill see...
    unfortunatly, i can only do basic stuff. not even bows :(
  9. That's a cool concept... But that's gotta take tons of coding.... O.O
  10. Are they mod loader compatible or forge or even MP?
  11. You know they don't need to be... But it makes it easier...

    But this seems like a cool idea.
    Not meaning to advertise, but if princebee can't just ask me.
  12. This sounds like a great idea :D I hope this helps you gain experience and better your skills!
    Anyways this may be a bit complex however I would like a mod that gives me the ability to adjust the volume of the thunder sound, just the thunder sound... Not sure if there is a mod that already does this... So if your capable I'm happy to pay :D

    -Please disregard this request as I have discovered a way of altering the volume of particular Minecraft sounds...
  13. Is it possible for you to make a mod where if I press a button (that I can assign) I will make cow noises?
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  14. I do not think so...
  15. This is absolutely legal. Someone requests a service that you offer, you give it to them. Modding minecraft is no problem.
  16. How to download mods for iMac.....
  17. hey prince, you should have a databank(ish) thing at the top. so we can explore other ppls mods.
  18. Hahaha, here is request: a mod that will let you to play minecraft within mincraft! :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p