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  1. I got to thinking what would be the price of a DC of mossy cobblestone?
  2. I sold one a month or so ago for 15,000r, which is just over 4 rupees per piece.
  3. wow i would think they go for more XD seeing as they are not that easy to find unless u can buy in /shop. which i would think it would be expensive
  4. well actually not sure if u can even get in the shop. which would mean u can only find in the wild in the 1 biome. but alright
  5. Dungeons and boulders are the only source really. I bought the DC for 10k a long time ago and had no idea what to do with it, so I guess I may have sold it on the cheap, but it was profit for me. I do not see these being any higher than 20-25k though.
  6. Keep in mind that in 1.8 it can be crafted, so you should sell it now.
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  7. Do you think that will be a good or a bad thing?
  8. The crafting of all the different types of stone or selling the stone now?
    I like the crafting of the types of stone and I think 820327 should sell the stone now to get the maximum profit.
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  9. yea i just decided to use the few DCs of it i have for a project ill make soon. but it does suck we will soon be able to craft all those rare blocks in 1.8 just ruins the aspect of being rare and tends to ruin how much things are worth on all the economy servers out there.
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  10. It also opens up so many opportunities for builders like you
  11. how about podzol how much would a DC of that be?
  12. What about jungle temples? You can prob get like 8 stacks off of one temple.
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  13. I have never seen them around, so they must be quite rare, but of course, if you do find them, then that would be a lot of Moss Cobble. :)
  14. #MegaTaiga Biomes...