[ Pricing ] Triple Spawner

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  1. Okay Guys, I've found Three Spawners, all within a few blocks range. There are 2 Spiders (Regular) and one Skeleton. The Chest Are 100% untouched, and the mossy cobble floorings are intact. I've only been there twice, once being before I posted this to check on the area. How much do you think this is worth?

    This is one of the spiders and skelly. The block I'm standing on (If you can see it) is a crudely built stair case to the other spider
  2. I would say around 15k.
  3. Really? That's great! Thanks for the help!
  4. balli mind if I buy for 15k?
  5. Sent you a PM :D
  6. I'm happy with any K! :cool:
  7. 0.1k?
  8. You're funny! :p
  9. I get that a lot.
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  10. I dont think you could make a skele with a spider in it because it uses a differnt killing system. The mobs have a seperate Gui so im not sure if its possible to make a grinder.
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  11. Im sure you could get someone with expirence in building these and turn it into a grinder.
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  12. Well, even so, you could take the mossy cobble and stuff out of the chest on the middle spider, and keep just the spawner there, While using the other spider and skelly (Father Apart) and make them into two separate grinders.
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  13. You realize GUI stands for Graphical User Interface right...
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  14. Im no tech nerd
  15. lol, you are smart! :p
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  16. If 2+2 is 4 find the circumference of the sun.
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  17. I like your cat
  18. Could i have some of your cats milk?
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