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  1. Help me on prcing a:
    Diamond Axe Efficiency III Fortune III Unbreaking III
  2. I am not shure id buy it but if i had enough id pay 11k as efficiancy lowers the price (aparrently)
  3. Effieciency only lowers the price on pickaxes. On axes they are a good thing.
  4. About 2000r.

    I don't understand the above comment about 'efficiency lowers the price on pickaxes' - no, it does not; it increases the price.

    However, for an axe, "Fortune" isn't very useful. So, treat it like an eff III Unb III axe - which should be around 2000.
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  5. Effiecency is not good on a pick because if you had a silk touch with eff V you would pick up the ore and 5 blocks of stone behind it giving you less durability.
  6. Where can you use Fortune on an axe for?
  7. You can't
  8. lol
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  9. Yes, you can. If you want lots and lots of melons...

    "affects the drop rates of Nether Wart, wheat (seeds only), Tall Grass, Glowstone, Melons, and Redstone, and increases the chance for gravel to drop flint" - from minecraft wiki, here.

    Of course, using an axe on redstone or gravel is going to wear it out *very* fast though.

    So, yeah; limited use.

    But maybe worth remembering - we don't know what it might do, in the future. "Silk Touch" seems to change with every update. For example, in the next, we should be able to get ice.
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  10. Depends how careful you are.

    If you are platforming over lava in the nether and find a large mass of glowstone, and there are Ghasts on the way, then the 30-seconds you save can be very useful.
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  11. 1) don't go for glowstone that is above lava.
    2) ghasts are easily killed with a bow.
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  12. If you have a silk touch, you should have the money to buy cobble and make a wall.
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  13. Yes, but you can only carry so much stuff. And when a Ghast sneaks up on you, you can only get away or build so quick, too.

    Efficiency has saved my life in the Nether, many times (due to quicker speed). That means, it saved the cost of the pick (10k+), the cost of armour/other tools, and all the glowstone I was carrying. So it saved tens of thousands worth. So yeah; to me, it's worth it, for sure.

    P.S. Interesting fact, I don't think I have ever bought cobble. I just dig it up for free.
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  14. If you think that, great! I'll go get the glow you leave behind :)
  15. It doesn't affect glow.
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  16. Ok I have a diferent strategy. I go very far out into the wild then make a nether portal.Get all of the glowstone in the nether that is somewhat close.Oh and dont go for the glowstone that is 60 blocks above the lava lakes. If a ghast does find you then you only have to shoot him 2 times to kill him>
  17. Just sayin, but it is pretty hard to not notice a ghast:)
  18. Yes, it does!

    Instead of dropping 2-4 glowstone *dust*, it drops 1 glow*stone*.

    You are probably thinking of "Fortune". Fortune doesn't help with glowstone. Silk certainly does!
  19. FORTUNE!
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