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  1. alright so i was basically wondering the prices for a few promos or special items as i have not kept up on them in a while and its just one of those few things you dont see getting sold alot. below i will list the items.

    referral blocks
    icc head
    80k member armor
    piece of pyramid

    not sure if that last one is the full name or not
  2. Is the ICC head just a regular one that drops on death, or is it special?
  3. Most of these really don't have a definite price, but I can try some estimates.

    Referral blocks: 150k, 300k, 450k
    icc head: maybe 200k depends on if it's a special one or not.
    80k member armor: at least 1 mil. maybe 1.2 if you can find one.
    POAP: about 2 mil. but there are only 4 and I know of 3 that will probably never sell.
    Bouquet: also hard to find maybe 1 mil.