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  1. Would be nice to have a /pricecheck "item" command. It could take average of the all server shop prices throwing out the highest and lowest. This would give players and shop owners an idea of avg prices on goods.

    A base line to go by
    Supply and demand will always drive the prices.

    The server I use to run supported it iConomyBOSEconomy, not sure which empire uses

    Thanks for any input
  2. feel free to move my post, I should of posted in suggestion oops
  3. This would be AMAZING I don't know how much coding it would take but I have a feeling it will be great if its made and that will help new people to the server able to find out if there shop or a shop they are buying from is fair :)
  4. shouldn't be to hard depending on which economy add-on they use. Easily enough to take existing ones and modify to work. I use do it all the time on my server.

    Great point SQuizzel_Boy !
  5. Wont happen. Shop signs hold their data in the sing its self, rather then a huge shop database. This keeps it light wieght and easy to maintain. Doing this would require the server to keep a database.
  6. This would not work.

    Not even for averages. You could have 5 shops with diamonds at 40r, 5 shops with diamonds at 50r, and 1 shop with diamonds at 1r and it will throw off the whole average.

    For supply and demand prices, you need an exchange. Which I will have soon. :)
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  7. I have an exchange on smp2 3456
  8. I know. But smp1 needs one :p
  9. How about we make a spreadsheet on the E.M.C website?
    A big lot of other servers do this and I think we should aswell. :)
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  10. Also it should be editable privately, so nobody messes up the system.
  11. It would probably be worth asking Raenis to add this as a feature to his EMC shop database if people think it's a good idea :)
  12. Yep.
  13. Like he said. We are over 30k registered people here. If lets say like 1k has a shop and the server should keep all the data hmm, it will be a mess if the server should keep data for 1k people and if they all had more than 10items for sale.
  14. With that, maybe the server could round out an average. :D
  15. Also the prices should be updated every day!
  16. great feedback everyone !

    As far as possible Yes, long as sign info is in a database it can be done.
    If the Sign text doesn't have any data value then might be NO :(

    Been working in a datacenter for many years and we do custom scripts for data like this all the time.
  17. So I create a hundred diamond chests in my res with 16/1r to get people to reduce their prices. Or a hundred chests with 1/1000r. Even if only actual purchases were used, there are plenty of people with alternate accounts and/or friends to manipulate this.

    Empty chests bother me. I often am told that my prices are higher than so and so's, but you go to their chest and it's empty. So would the chests actually have to have something in them to count?

    Then there are the shops where they have five diamond chests all with different prices and you have to guess which one actually has the diamonds in them. Nothing stops them from loading almost all their inventory into the higher priced chests then slowly selling off their inventory in the lower priced ones as the price changes.

    Myself, I'd love to see a chest inventory count so I don't waste my time clicking on empty chests. I spend a lot of time checking other people's prices and it would also help to tell whether the person is seriously trying to keep their chest stocked at that price or just putting random numbers on a sign.
  18. I like the idea, but this could easily be loopholed, as portrayed by Pab10S.

    Simple solution: Go to empshops.org and look for the item you want to sell (Set "To Buy"). Visit the listed stores when the search is completed, and find a logical average.

    Diamonds usually go for 40-50r by the way.
  19. I don't see this happening. If you want to know what prices to charge, or to pay, you will have to do your homework, like all the other shopkeepers do.
  20. /pricecheck - simple

    first do /shop - find the server price - then /v random until you find a store you like - buy at a price you are ok with - sell at a price you are ok with

    bottom line - player run economy means very little server (i.e. mods interaction)

    you have free access (wild / nether / end) to all items in the game (with a couple exceptions) so ....

    also what the others have said is correct - the signs themselves hold the data - thus keeping the server memory free to do other things
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