[Pricecheck] 2DCS of glowstone

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  1. Title says it all
  2. Can I get a number?
  3. Umm
    Around 25 k?
    I have no idea really
  4. I think it's a bit more than 25k :)
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  5. 640 rupees per stack is about what I would pay personally, which is 69,120 for 2 DCs.
  6. Please PM me the #resnumber where you can get glowstone for 10r each, because I haven't encountered such shops yet!

    Edit: *throws around some confetti*
  7. I never said I know where it is, but that is the minimum I would pay per stack of glowstone, therefore the price of 2 DCs is minimum 69k :p
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  8. I would say close to 80k, maybe 90 if you are lucky
  9. I would think any where between 15r at the very lowest and 25r each block, at top price, but I have not bought or sold this in a long time so I may be slightly out on it. Past averager for it was 22r each.

    Based on 22r each 22 x 3456 = 76'032r for 1 DC or 152'064r for 2 DC's
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