Price of this?

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  1. How much would all this be worth :p
  2. Luckyyyy I'm out of town! So I can't get one :(
  3. Go to a different smp
  4. I will buy all the obsidian, give me a price and I will let you know!
  5. How much will you pay?
  6. I thought you shouldn't post buying/selling threads here?
  7. I want to know how much its worth...
  8. Well, your thread is sorta also saying "who will buy it"

    But, it's fine lol
  9. I am not at my computer I mean:p
  10. Without knowing which enchantments the books have it's really difficult to put a precise value on those contents.
  11. Leave out the enchantments
  12. Dragon Stone = 27k - 30k Each
    Diamonds = 115-120r Each
    Emeralds = 25-35r Each
    Diamond Horse Armor = 6k - 7k Each
    Obsidian = 12-14r Each
    Enchantment Bottles = 15-25r Each
    TNT = 15-25r Each

    These are my personal opinions on the prices, some might disagree.