[Price Inquiry] Missing Texture Oak Leaves

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by witheredstone, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. I was recently going through my misc chests and found I had 63 missing texture oak leaves, I was just curious if they had any value besides being a novelty item. Input would be appreciated :)
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  2. I think that when updating to 1.14 (or 1.13), the missing texture blocks are going to disappear or revert to normal, except for the stone wooden slabs, which are going to be called "Petrified Oak Slab". I haven't tested this or found a reliable source for what's going to happen with the leaves, but it's what I recall. Because of that, I would be careful with attaching a worth to them.
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  3. Ah, thanks for the heads up 607.
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