Price Checks for an Old Timer

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  1. Hi, most of you probably don't know me, but those who played in 2012-2013 might.

    I was just wondering today what my EMC Exclusive items would be worth in Rupees in today's market :D

    I own:
    1 x Big Daddy Helmet
    1 x Bullet Proof Vest
    1 x Cactus Pants
    1 x Feather Fallllling Boots

    3 x Ore Busters
    1 x Flaming Mob Launcher
    2 x Everlasting Axe Stopper
    1 x Turfinator

    3 x Turkey Slicer

    4 x Cupid Bow

    4 x Haunted Head 2013

    4 x Labor Bench 2013

    1 x Holiday Pick

    2 x Incitatus
    1 x Valens

    1 x Saltar

    1 x Empire Firework 2012

    3 x Independence Day Firework 2013

    2 x Empire Firework 2013

    1 x EMC Treasure Voucher
    10 x Cake Parkour Event (ICC Birthday Voucher)
    1 x Stable Voucher

    1 x Incitatus
    1 x Saltar

    So yeah, any prices on these items would be much appreciated, thanks :D
  2. :D
    Most of those things are quite high in value now but I can't give definite numbers
  3. The 60k members armor goes for 250-300k easy and the 2012 firework is 50k I don't really now definitely the value of the rest of the items but if the treasure voucher is paper version 1.5 million total for all the items , if it's map version 2 million plus total.
  4. Treasure Voucher is Paper, Stable is Map. Thanks :D
  5. You have items that all together are worth millions of rupees.
  6. FDNY is who i would ask personally
  7. I got 5,415,673r for all the items combined.
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