Price Checking

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  1. Price Checking

    DC- of paper
    DC- sugar cane
    SC- Netherwart
  2. Cheapest I've seen DC sugarcane was 400r. but i think 600r is more the going rate. You could add a small amount to that for paper (conversion cost).

    Netherwart, not sure. Similar to wheat, carrot, portato I imagine. (all same farming process basically).
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. netherwart i have nether :)P) seen in auction but i would say maybe 1400r. I don't know for sure.
  5. Woaaaahhhh... Sugarcane sells for 250-300r per DC
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  6. Netherwart isnt ever sold at auction? I wonder if its a good people want/need.
    I've seen sugarcane/ paper auctions from what you all say it's looking good for 300r
  7. Yea... sugar cane went way down... so sad :(
    Paper on the other hand is high in demand you can probably sell for 450-500r
    Netherwart are barely used unless your a big potion brewer so probably not that much
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  8. which is odd lol
  9. I bought a DC of netherwart once.... I still have 52 stacks. lmao.
  10. Yea, price on sugarcane is dropping literally daily. As people try to unload scores of DC's of unwanted sugarcane. :) Which i find continually amusing as people ask me to build huge full 60 x 60 res sugarcane farms. lol it's completely unnecessary.

    New lowest price i see now is 200r per DC. (won't advertise where, they';ll run out in mins anyway)
  11. Wow. How did I auction 3 DC's for 7k then :confused:
  12. everyone loves a good auction!
  13. When? just now? I never saw it.