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  1. Just need some helpful info on prices for my promos.

    UPDATE-Changed Font, added more promos

    1x Ore Buster
    2x Mineral Mincer
    1x Chicken Skewer
    1x Shear Madness
    1x Set of 100k Armor
    1x Meteor Bow (used)
    1x Meteor Bow (unused)
    1x Cupid Bow
    1x Momentus Toothpick
    1x 2015 Labor Bench
    1x 2014 Labor Bench
    3x Pot of Gold (used)
    2x Maxarian Head
    1x #Empire Firework#
    1x I-Day Firework 2015
    1x Avalauncher (-happy holidays-)
    1x 2014 Holiday Candle
    1x 2014 Birthday Cake
    1x 2015 Birthday Cake
    1x Pi Pie
    1x Rememberance Poppy
    1x "Cami Goes Boom!" HxCami10 Head
    1x Headless Horseman Mask (2015)
    1x ICC Flesh
    1x ICC Skin
    1x Enraged Guardian Egg

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  2. I don't know any of the other prices, but most of the labor benches 2015 I bought went for 15k. :) (and if you want to sell it, please PM me :p)
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  3. chicken skewer is 15k-20k
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  4. I'm also curious about the current price for pots of gold.
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  5. Ore buster 350k
    Maxarian head 50k
    Avalanches 20-30k
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  6. 1x Ore Buster - 350-400k+
    2x Mineral Mincer 50k+
    1x Chicken Skewer - 30k
    1x Shear Madness - 15k
    1x Set of 100k Armor - 80-100k
    1x Meteor Bow (used) - Maybe 5k
    1x Meteor Bow (unused) - 9-10k
    1x Cupid Bow - 10-15k
    1x Momentus Toothpick - 20-30k
    1x 2015 Labor Bench - 10k
    1x 2014 Labor Bench - 15k
    3x Pot of Gold (used) - 10-15k
    2x Maxarian Head - 40-50k
    1x #Empire Firework# (Year?)
    1x I-Day Firework 2015 - 10-15k
    1x Avalauncher (-happy holidays-) (If no year, 20-30k; if year 50k+ I think)
    1x 2014 Holiday Candle - 40k Maybe? Tough one. Not seen many for sale. Not 100% on this one.
    1x 2014 Birthday Cake - 25k+
    1x 2015 Birthday Cake - 15k
    1x Pi Pie - 20k
    1x Remembernce Poppy - Not solid price on these; many don't like to sell them because of what they stand for.
    1x "Cami Goes Boom!" HxCami10 Head - No clue tbh
    1x Headless Horseman Mask (2015) - 15-25k
    1x ICC Flesh - 5-6k
    1x ICC Skin - 5-6k
    1x Enraged Guardian Egg - 20-30k
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