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  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the prices of the items listed below:
    Pot of gold
    Pi Pie
    Love Potion No.9
    Eggcellent wand
    Marlix's bow
    All starter armor and tools
    Remembrance Poppy
    Pig head
    Slime head
    2014 Labor Bench
    Getting started Book (not soulbound)
    Getting started Book (soulbound)
    Starter horse
    Freedom Steak
    Cooked Turkey
    Dancer (used)
    Cupid (Unused)
    Cupid (Used)
    Cupid's Bow
    Cupid's arrow
  2. Pot of Gold- 22k
    Pi Pie- 20k
    Love Potion No.9- 110k
    Eggcellent wand- 10k
    Marlix's bow- 97k
    All starter armor and tools- all together 5k
    Remembrance Poppy- 12.5k
    Pig head - 250r
    Slime head-300r
    2014 Labor Bench- 18k { I think }
    Getting started Book (not soul bound)- 150r
    Getting started Book (soul bound)- 300r
    Starter horse- 2.5k
    Freedom Steak-7.5k
    Cooked Turkey- 800r {per}
    Dancer (used)- 15k
    Cupid (Unused)- 25k
    Cupid (Used)- 15k
    Cupid's Bow- 15k
    Cupid's arrow- 200r { per stack }
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  3. How much is a haunted mask worth?
  4. Hm bout a ESCD? Anyone know?
  5. 25k 30k too
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