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  1. Hey guys and gals, just wondering how much my promos are worth all together ?? :3 If this is in the wrong thread sorry xD I appreciate who-ever helps me many thanks! :)

    un used items:

    7x 2013 turkey slicers
    3x 2014 turkey slicers
    6x ham hacker
    1x iday blade and 1x iday blade saying <<do not claim>>
    1x ore buster
    1x holiday pick
    15x headless horseman masks 2014
    1x 2013 Halloween/hauntedhead mask
    8x escd
    1x marlix bow
    3x lucky bow
    4x cupid bow
    3x maxarian heads
    4x 2014 bday cake
    Full set of unused Iday armour - helmet,chest,legging and boots
    57x cooked turkey
    2x spooky egg
    1x avalauncher
    2x dancer
    3x holiday candle
    1x netherhound egg
    1x blizz ard nose
    1x book of colours
    6x icc flesh
    3x icc skin
    21x feast for a king
    1x icc bday voucher
    25x iday steak
    2x 2014 new years celebration fireworks
    1x 2013 new year firework
    1x remembrance poppy - in my eyes priceless :)
    6x 2014 labor day workbench
    1x 2013 labor day workbench
    1x dragon poop
    1x super dragon poop


    Used items:

    1x dancer
    1x Rudolf
    1x Incitatus
    1x freedom blade - 1160/1561
    1x 2014 turkey slicer 1469/1561

    Signatures / autobiography's + heads

    Bite me now Book 'Break' original + head
    o0_jetfire_0o head - old player not sure if its worth anything?
    Chickeneer auto_bio - original


    134 speed horse
    full un-used set of new starter gear ( including trimmings like soulbound eggs and torches ect)
    A unused set of old starter armour ( helmet,chest,leggings and boots
    1 starter Horse which is a Donkey

    Please note, none of the above is for sale :3
  2. Based off items that I know prices of, I'm seeing at least two million rupees in that pile.

    Edit: Make that 3.5 million
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  3. Oo :p :D any other guesses? :p thanks pineapple
  4. Elfin's pretty off in my eyes... I'd say 1.75-2.25m
  5. Hmm thought they were more :3 drag is your estimate based on what promo shop owners buy them for?
  6. one meeeeeeiiiillllion dollars
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  7. Not exactly. I'm giving you an estimated MP based on auctions, and yes, promo shop buy/sell prices
  8. i thought it would be more but hey ho :p