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  1. How much is a Starter pony with these stats worth? 2014-08-08_06.52.09.png
  2. Wow, I wish I got a starter horse... :rolleyes: (Haha, in 1.4, sure :p)

    I don't know though, sorry.
  3. lol it fine :) Sorry for where the post is i didn't know where to post it
  4. Well, it isn't worth much now that it has been spawned, but maybe close to 1k with those stats, maybe even more.
  5. You should put it in the marketplace discussion next time :)
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  6. Wow, those stats on a starter horse are... Awesome. I am not sure how much these are worth but uhm, I would pay around 3-5k for it? Not sure if that's any good or not :p
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  7. Considering its equal to around an incitatus minus the promo horse part, I would assume around 20k? :p
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  8. sam to the rescue :p
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