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Are the prices acceptable?

Yes 1 vote(s) 25.0%
No they are too high 2 vote(s) 50.0%
No they are too low 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hey guys and gals. does everyone think the prices of the following are acceptable? if they are too high or low place feel free to give me some pointers. Thanks for your time:)

    Single Chests
    Double Chests

    Stone Brick:100r=2700r=5400r
    Stone Slabs:72r=1944r=3888r
    Stone Brick Slabs:240r=6480r=12960r
    Cobblestone Slabs:57r=1539r=3078r
    Cobblestone Stairs:126r=3402r=6804r
    Stone Brick Stairs:550r=14850r=29700r
    Cobblestone Wall:126r=3402r=6804r
  2. Stone is a little low, stone products a little high I think :D
  3. would you say a drop of 10% in the products be OK?
  4. Thanks for the help dude :)

  5. I believe that stone and stone brick should be the same price. Because it takes 4 pieces of stone to make 4 stone brick
  6. yes you have a very good point. Thanks for the heads up dude
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  7. It is better to keep as stone unless filling an order, because once its stone brick it can't go back.
  8. Still doesn't affect the price, still should be the same
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  9. True, but if you converted all your stone to stone bricks and then someone came up to you and asked for stone, you would lose a customer.
  10. My time has value, so I've always priced crafted or smelted items higher than their ingredients. I also prefer to round up or down to the nearest 5r to make math easier. Other people's prices and the way they run their shops might cause me to raise or lower them too.

    So I might sell my Cobble for 25r instead of 23r. I've seen Coal pretty commonly for 2r per piece. So that Stone to me is worth 41r per stack on the high end before I consider the effort it took to smelt it. Let's say 45r. I might have Silked it, but for someone to reproduce it using Cobble they bought from me, that is what it is worth.

    I've often also seen Cobble as low as 20r and Coal for 1.5r. A low end price for Stone might be more like 35r which gives you a bit of room to adjust your prices. I would also take other people's prices on your server into account as well as how well they keep their shops stocked. If a competitor is selling it for less but is often out of stock, he's not really a competitor so don't be afraid to set what you think is a fair price on it. People will buy from you if your pricing is logical, reasonable, and you keep yourself stocked.

    If I took my 45r Stone price from above, my Stone Brick might be 50r. The brick to stairs ratio is 3:2 so if the Stone Brick is 50r per stack, I would price Stone Brick Stairs at 75r or optionally add in 5r for crafting to make 80r. The ratio for Slabs is 1:2, so with Stone at 45r per stack, I might make a stack of Slabs 25r.

    The other items would be priced similarly according to however you value your base materials and time.
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