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  1. What are the prices of:
    - Cobblestone
    - Smooth Stone
    - Stone Brick
    - Coal/charcoal?

    Might be starting a little business...
  2. smooth stone/stone brick 64r or under per stack mostly 64r but you have to give them a reason to want to purchase from you so make it lower :D

    Edit: Looking from the post down below I can say that cobble is under 32r per stack and can not be more then that. I havn't seen any shop sell it for over 32r. Atleast not where I shop.
  3. Cobble 40r per stack

    I would also like to know what coal is
  4. K. Coal is about 32 rupees per stack.
  5. I plan to make a business where I buy DCs of cobblestone, 6.75 stacks of coal, hire some labour to smelt it, and then auction the resulting DC of smooth stone (offering a service to craft it into stone bricks if the bidder wishes) and be a stinking rich capitalist as a result :D
  6. this is way to slow for money making :p i can get 100x the rupee you get from this and faster to xD. Trade secret tho... or is it...
  7. You'll make 2472r if everything was bought and sold at market price. So like 2.5k every 2-4 days maybe?
  8. Minus the labour cost unless you do it yourself.
  9. this is easier just using a silk touch :p
  10. I need another price check.
    What's the price of sugar cane, people?
  11. People sell it for 800+ a dc. I have my own sugar cane farm 60x60 gets me almost a dc per harvest.
  12. Hmmm...okay, might do the villager trade thing. I may also expand into the two most lucrative industries on EMC later on, the Beacon industry, and the mining industry.

    Also, I'm going to set myself an objective. Acquire a total of one million rupees.
    I will do this through a program of business in the aforementioned fields, with the goal of making more money than I did on the previous day.
    I shall be rich yet.
  13. This is an old thread. Please do not bump old threads. This is alsp not related to the main post in any way.

    Also, probably 125-150r
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