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  1. How much do beacons go for? Samsimx was nice enough to give me one following my participation in a nearby competition, I'd like to get it valued :)
  2. I'm no economics/auction expert, but I've seen them sell for like 9000-10000
  3. price has dropped from anywhere between 5k-8k
  4. That's really cheap, on smp5 it's around the 9k+.
  5. Six auctions going back into April: 10.2k, 11.5k, 9.333k, 10k, 11k, and 8k. That's an average of 10.0055k.
  6. Beacons go for about 10 k
  7. deathtomb recently ruined the beacon economy so they are at 9k now xD
  8. how?
  9. By selling a ton of em 9k each
  10. oh...
  11. Yep, 10k is what I would say, based on what I paid for them.
  12. The days when they were 25k....
    and they're not expected to go up in value?
  13. Mark is right. Beacons go for bout" 9-10 k nowadays. Or at least on Smp5.
  14. Right after that update (October/November?), I know there were a few that went for 70k. I've had my skulls at 3k and Beacons at 10k for a while now. Unless some game mechanic changes, I don't expect the price to go up or down much. 10k is a nice round number and it's low enough that pretty much everyone can afford them now if they want to work a bit.
  15. No where but down. :)
  16. I better get this thing sold then...
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