Price Check "White Point Star" and "Eggnog"

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  1. I would like to know how both of this Christmas items can be sold for and/or how much people are willing to buy or trade them. I recently traded a Haunted Head, a unused Turkey Slicer, and 6 stacks of emerald blocks for a single Netherhound egg, now I found out that stuff was worth like 20 Netherhound eggs. I DON"T want to make another trade like that, so if anyone knows how much this stuff is worth please reply bellow.


  2. White Point Star?
  3. How'd you obtain that?
  4. There is only one White Point Star in all of EMC. Expect several hundred thousand.
  5. How do you even get them. o.o
  6. It was from a krysyyjane9191 whovian party I think.. Not sure if RainbowChin has it or not.
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  7. I was told at Akier or ICC drop party, not 100% sure how to get it the White Point Star. I'm looking to buy that one.
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  8. There is also, Sarah Jane's Warpstar, A power V netherstar given to me by krysyyjane9191. They are not promos
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  9. RainbowChin is the only person with a White Point Star from krysyy's party. Assuming she doesn't make any more (HGHLY doubt it), RainbowChin's is the only one in EMC :)
  10. The White Point Star (as well as Sarah Jane's WarpStar) was a Doctor Who related item handed out at a event i held. It is nothing more than a nether star that has been renamed with an odd enchant on it much like BigDavie's Impossiball given out a long time ago.

    I will state that any special item made is not guaranteed to be the only one in existence on EMC. Future Doctor Who parties may have things similar...or not...Staff makes no promise to retain the rarity of these items.
  11. Eggnog is worth alot, might wanna save that for a bit. :p
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  12. Impossiball? You have FDNY interested :p
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  13. Dont get your hopes up. I own it =)
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  14. *Hopes destroyed* May I see it please then? :p
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  15. you can find me on smp2 and you can see it
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  16. I will look for you on smp2 then and thank you everyone
  17. I went to see her and she shown me, for everyone who wants to see it:
  18. Yes, I do indeed own the only one, and it's not currently for sale. I think my mistake was putting it onto that wiki list, but I would like point out there should be a difference between promo items and EMC special items. Not all special items are promo items (from /promo) but all promo items are special items, if that makes sense.
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